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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Natural hair project #1 HIBISCUS

Hibiscus flower benefits

I've recently became very interested in using hibiscus to make i asked around till my sister finally got some for me!!! so this easter during the 2week vacation before school reopens i am going to try to grow my own hibiscus so it will be readily available to me lol. i'm so excited about this and i hope everything goes A-OKAY!!!

I found an article on this site and i wanted to share a piece i most cared for lol not that the entire article wasnt was but anyway lool.... here it is..

The flowers and leaves consists of numerous elements that benefit hair and scalp. It is widely used for the treatment of dandruff and hair fall.

Be it the world of Ayurveda or the traditional Chinese herbal medicines the concoction of herbal oil with the hibiscus flowers show a great effect on the scalp if used regularly. The extracted juices of the flowers are blended with hair dyes like henna and indigo. The properties of hibiscus have gained world wide acknowledgement because of the astounding results it showed on the hair scalp and hair fall troubles.

Hibiscuses have soothing and cooling effect on the scalp. Usually dandruff creates rashes in scalps and worsens the condition of the scalp. When hibiscus extraction in mixed with herbal oil and applied on the scalp it produces a very soothing effect and also repair the damage that is created due to dandruff. Undoubtedly it also helps in eliminating the dandruff from the scalp.

It has proven of great benefits in seborrhea conditions on the scalp. During seborrhea over activity of the sebaceous glands causes the skin to become oily which is treated with the help of the hibiscus extracts. It also reduces excess oiliness that damages your hair.

Hibiscus aids to eradicate and lessen pore clogging which improves the general look and condition of hair. It also abridges extreme scaling, itching and redness of the scalp.

The many other benefits of hibiscus have proved to give greater effects on the health of the hair. At the very bottom line it helps in eliminating the toxins from the body but at the same time it also bushels the normal acid alkaline. While massaging it already improves the blood circulation and when combined it with hibiscus it gives essential nutrients to the follicles. All the elements that are needed to counter fight the pollutants that reside in the scalp due to the pollution are eradicated with the help of hibiscus.

It also acts as great tonic to hair and the scalp. In today’s world we are constantly exposed to these harmful ingredients that float freely in the air damage the conditions of hair. Then the chemical that we use in the form of shampoo and hair conditioners also worsen the health of our hair. They not all damage the health but also cause eruptive conditions and worst reactions. So in short we can say that hibiscus guards the health of our hair and the scalp.

There are many ways to use this hibiscus flowers and get benefited through it. Hot and cold infusions both are very helpful in treating the hair. In a hot infusion the flowers and the leaves are added to boiling water and allowed to keep it for 10 to 12 hours and then strained it before using it on the scalp. While in the cold infusion are made to stand in cold water with a ration of one is to six and then flowers are squeezed, strained and then use it. Any of these infusions can be used as last rinse after washing the hair thoroughly.

Not necessary that you have to use these infusions just after washing your hair but this mixture can also be used to wash the air or apply on the scalp with the help of cotton wool. Blend this extracts or juice of the flowers with henna paste and place it on the scalp. This forms total hair nourishments and helps in amazing growth of hair.

Nowadays Hibiscus extract is also added to brahmi, bhringaraj, amla, henna and other such extracts, to formulate products for hair care, like cleansers, hair tonics, anti-dandruff preparations, hair conditioners and rinses.

I know for a women hair are the most beautiful ornament. The beauty of your health lies in the health of your hair. The more healthy the hair the more beautiful they look.

You can visit the site for the full article and you can also do more research.

i'm going to keep them in this half way cut bottles till the leaves drop,new leaves, and roots... at least thats what i was told i should expect to see lol. My first time doing this so am learning hehe. Any helpful comments,tips and advice from you guys will be greatly appreciated ;)