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People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates. ~Thomas Szasz, "Personal Conduct," The Second Sin, 1973

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Straw curls for the first time

soo straw curls takes Way too long so lemme jus say i highly doubt i willl be doing it anytime soon in my ENTIRE hair probly just the front occasionally cuz it was seriously cute. i didnt wear the sttraw curls out i actually separated them the morning i was about to go to school with it becuz one side of my head had mor curls and it was looking really wierd so next time IF there is a next time am definately going to try to control where the curls go lol.
so the pics are the hairstyles i wore with the umm straw curl out??? or however u want to say it lol separated straw curls sounds just fine.


  1. this is too cute, you have lovely hair!
    I think I'm gonna try this out ... if i have time lol

  2. cute!! I've never attempted a straw curl set. Seems like alot of work.. But it looks super cute on you..