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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dermatitis (cont'd)

I had started feeling a uncomfortably itchy a long time before i finally went to see a general practitioner.After being treated for a week with what the General Practitioner had prescribed, which was an anti dandruff and anti itch shampoo along with some pills ( names i can't remember), The doctor referred me to a skin doctor who then said i had Seborrheic dermatitis, a common scalp and facial condition that often causes dandruff.

So by this time, it had traveled to my face and neck because of my incessant scratching. I could stand it along my edges and the back of my neck because my hair was able to cover those areas... but then my face was filled with the rash and i had to attend lessons! and of course people noticed which made it more difficult to concentrate on anything else besides this rash. I also was told to wash my hair everyday with the shampoo! Wash natural hair every day! twice a day! so hair was pretty much in a mess all the time. After a while i only washed the visibly affected areas during the week and my entire head on the weekends.
If you think you'll be grossed out, maybe you shouldn't look lol...

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